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What is Felicitas?

A search engine. A stock market. A basic income. A currency for attention and relevance. People.

  1. A revolutionary search engine that lets you discover relevant people around you or anywhere in the world.
  2. A stock market in which you can invest into public profiles and search results featuring these profiles.
  3. A basic income system. Verified users receive a basic income of 6,800 int for every day they are active, up to a total of ten million one thousand int.

Felicitas is the very first market of its type and the largest stock market in the world in terms of total number of listed entities (over 280,000 profiles.)

What is the origin of the name Felicitas?

In ancient Roman culture, Felicitas (from the Latin adjective felix, "fruitful, blessed, happy, lucky") is a condition of divinely inspired productivity, blessedness, or happiness.The divine personification of Felicitas was cultivated as a goddess and always had a positive significance.

What is INT?

INT is a social experiment and the name of the currency used on Felicitas.

INT represents interest, the feeling or emotion that causes attention to focus on an object, event, or process.

As a verified user, you receive the currency as a basic income.

You can invest the currency into profiles of people or search results you care about. You receive shares.

If these profiles or search results become more relevant or more popular, your investment grows in value and you’ll be able to sell it for a profit.

Deposit expansion proceeds from investments by Felicitas into verified profiles. The treasury purchases profile securities and makes payment by crediting the profiles account, raising total assets and total liabilities.

Ref: Deposit Expansion, Expansion through Bank Investments,
Modern Money Mechanics (1994), Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

These investments form the basis of our basic income system.

How does INT derive its value?

Attention has value: each year marketers spend 600 billion dollars to capture people’s attention. In the United States, each dollar spent on marketing generates 21 dollars of revenue (according to the Association of National Advertisers)

The INT currency becomes especially valuable to users as investments and divestments made using the currency determine the relevance, ranking and visibility of every proposition listed on Felicitas.

Felicitas only allows investment transactions. We strongly believe that attention should not be sold. It should only be invested, and thus commercial transactions are strictly forbidden.

Why do I need to be verified and how can I be verified?

You need to become verified before you can receive the currency as a basic income.

We are also obligated by law to meet a number of legal requirements.

One of these requirements is Know Your Customer (KYC), the process of identifying and verifying the identity of a user, understanding the relationship between our users and our organisation, and assessing any financial crime risks associated with that customer, such as fraud, money laundering or terrorism.

The KYC process also helps to prevent people from receiving their basic income more than once.

How can I appear on Felicitas or claim a public profile that is already listed?

Our search results are a reflection of publicly available content on the web.

If you would like to appear on Felicitas, claim a public profile or request the removal of certain information about you that appears in our search results, please send an email to

Once you claim your public profile, you’ll be given access to the funds invested in that profile.

Felicitas will never sell your data.

Is Felicitas compatible with Islamic finance?

Yes, in theory.

Deposit expansion through investment, (instead of loans) comply with the prohibition of interest (known as riba) in Islamic finance.

What is the symbol for the currency?

Felicitas uses the Looped Square (⌘) which is commonly used as the Place of Interest Sign when used on information signs or maps.

It is an ancient symbol used by several cultures, but remains in common use today. It can also be found on the Apple keyboard.

In Finland, the symbol was painted or carved on houses and barns, and domestic utensils such as tableware, to protect them and their owners from evil spirits and bad luck.

How profiles are ranked?

Profiles and search results are ranked by market cap (the total market value of a proposition outstanding shares, number of shares x price)

Investment are translated into four separate transactions: